SMOKING CHAMBERS - in our offer you can find smoking chambers for all types of thermal processes in process food production. Whether it is a small daily production capacity or chambers of 1, 2, 3, up to 8 standard smoke carts, and in tunnel versions up to 10 and 12 carts, we offer chambers for: smoking, cooking, cooking and cooling , baking, and intensive cooling chambers.

The chambers have the option of installing various options such as showering, pneumatic door opening, automatic washing system, additional cooling, choosing between smoke generator on sawdust, liquid smoke, friction smoke generator, all the way to the layout of the air circulation channel which can be classic or central.

The thermodynamic smoking chamber enables heat treatment and smoking of the product. All phases of the technological process of heat treatment take place automatically, which reduces the time and cost of production, and is controlled by a microprocessor. Chambers are used in the processing of all types of food products such as: hot dogs, sausages, salami, meat, chicken, fish, cheese, etc. They are also suitable for heat treatment of ham and similar piece products in molds or permeable casings.

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